The ENgine Room 

The ability to innovate lies in a realistic, fundamental understanding of consumers. We believe market research is the engine that propels the innovation process. Magnolia Innovation has the capabilities to conduct Strategic Market Research in-house, working with the best and brightest minds and facilitators in the industry.  We are equipped to deliver outstanding research results tailored to: 

  1. Innovation Assessment:
    • Behavioral and exploratory assessments (e.g. Observational and/or Tech-Enhanced Ethnography, Behavioral Analysis, Unmet Needs Mapping, Social Media Mining)
    • Drivers and barriers to market innovation / disruption (e.g. Competitive Analysis, STEP Studies, Case Studies and Outside-Industry Analogs)
    • Iterative vetting and refinement of "the Big Idea" (e.g. Consumer Co-Creation, Market Validation, Prototype Testing)
  2. Market Assessment:
    • Market sizing and segmentation (e.g. Classic Market Assessment, Behavioral/Attitudinal Segmentation)
    • Assessing the current state and points of opportunity (e.g. Patient or Consumer Journey, Purchase and Usage Mapping)
    • Assessing the competitive landscape (Competitive Intelligence, User/Non User Studies)
  3. Launch Readiness:
    • Prototyping, testing, and refinement (e.g. Concept Testing, Messaging and Positioning, Sales Detailing, Human Factors and User Experience Assessment)
    • Demand threshold and forecasting (e.g. Pricing Research, Conjoint Analysis or Discrete Choice, Demand Sensitivity, Forecasting and Market Planning)
    • Channel strategy (e.g. Distribution Assessment, Partnership Exploration)
    • Targeting strategy (e.g. KOL/COL/SME Mapping, Consumer Segmentation)
  4. Lifecycle Management:
    • General performance metrics (e.g. Tracking Studies, User/Non User Analysis, Situational Analysis, Portfolio Assessment, Product Evolution and Expansion Assessment)
    • Channel strategy (e.g. Distribution Assessment, Partnership Exploration)
    • Marketing and Salesforce strategy (e.g. Creative Testing, ROI Assessment, Program Analytics, Territory Assessment, Detailing Simulation, Ride Alongs, Consumer Listening)

We may not be the ones conducting every marketing research project, but we have a profound knowledge of a wide variety of research tools, and a mastery of interpreting each. From qualitative to quantitative primary research and business intelligence / data analytics, we help clients build and test hypotheses that open doors to innovation. 


  • Full Service Study Design
  • Expert Research Facilitation and Moderation
  • Personal and Remote Research Methods
  • Online Bulletin Boards and Consumer Communities


  • Questionnaire Design and Fielding
  • Strategic Analysis and Reporting
  • Complex Analytics (Segmentation, Conjoint, Simulation, Forecasting)
  • Comprehensive Triangulation of Data (Quant/Qual/Secondary)