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what surprised you the  most about working at magnolia... after you joined?

“I chose Magnolia because I knew it was a place where I could make real and valuable contributions to largely untapped disease areas. We have the opportunity and creative freedom to impact the diagnostic and therapeutic landscapes for millions of people in meaningful ways, and that is incredibly unique to Magnolia”

We always say 'no two days are the same at magnolia,' how is that true for you?

“Working for a small company is like being part of a small machine with only a few parts – each part is extremely important and serves a unique and imperative function (and all of the parts are good friends!). We value every team member, while maintaining sense of earnest cooperation – we work together to solve problems and form solutions for our clients”

how do you feel your personality shines through at magnolia?

"Magnolia allows me strive to be a positive presence in terms of my attitude, work ethic and accessibility