you did your co-op program at magnolia for a full year before joining full-time.  how did you enjoy the co-op experience? 

"The experience really helped me adjust to the 'real world' setting in a place where I could learn and grow my professional marketing skills while becoming a key team member in day-to-day consulting operations.  I was given the opportunity to learn a lot of professional skills in a short period of time."

what about your time as a co-op/intern made you decide to stay full time?

"While I was able to experience a lot of what Magnolia had to offer during my time as an intern (project work, client interactions), I felt that there was more for me to learn and experience with the Magnolia Team.  I decided to stay full time to continue growing my professional career in a small, fast paced environment that fosters growth and collaboration.  It is turning out to be the best choice I have made to start my career as a marketing professional."

what is the favorite project you've worked on?

"My favorite project has been the training pieces for clients.  It allowed me to learn a lot about our industry that is applicable for all clients, while having a great deal of creative license as to how the information was presented.  It was the perfect combination of challenging and fun."