Why did you choose Magnolia?

"I felt Magnolia could provide a unique opportunity for me, diverse to that of my previous experiences. It appeared to be an innovative and passionate team of individuals that strategically works through challenges and asks for their clients. It was something I could see myself being a part of"

What have you learned about working for a small company?

"I’ve learned that there’s flexibility in what you do and so much opportunity to learn and develop as well as leverage your own strengths. Everyone has their own assets that they bring to the table and cohesively, we make up a team that acknowledges the challenges we face not being a large corporation and do our best to provide that committed and personalized service to our clients"

Outside of work, what you are most passionate about?

"I like to find ways to give back and am passionate about empowering those less fortunate. Most recently, I’ve been working on developing a business plan with the founder of an organization that helps transition men out of homelessness"