what surprised you the most about working at magnolia... after you joined?

"The level of responsibility I was given. I had been told previously that particularly in market research it can take 4-5+ years before you should expect to be handed a project and asked to take ownership of it. That is absolutely not the case at Magnolia; I was asked to handle the survey design, data collection, and lead the analytics of an Attitudes, Trial, and Usage tracking study for a major pharmaceutical company as my first project. This high level of responsibility combined with consistently high quality mentor-ship has been invaluable in my career development"

We always say 'no two days are The same at magnolia,' how is that true for you?

"I think it’s a common phrase in the consulting and market research world to say 'every day/project is different,' but here, again, I think the partners at Magnolia walk the walk by working tirelessly to find ways to address their client’s needs. The approach of truly learning a potential or return client’s needs and coming up with a unique multi-phase/mixed model solution for the specific situation leads to much more varied work than the approach of selling a few pre-made solutions"

how do you feel your personality shines through at magnolia?

"One of the benefits of being a small company is the ability to implement change quickly.  This can include fairly major company-wide initiatives, like me implementing a new data analytic software platform.  Or more minor things like choosing which desks we will buy when we move into our new office space.  Having the ability to be heard directly and considered is, in many ways, a luxury and I’m glad I have it here"