Our expertise lets us tackle our clients' most challenging questions - from identifying where to invest time and resources, developing winning strategies for the marketplace, to implementing measurable marketing plans and programs.  Our strategic consulting offerings fall in three major areas:

  1. Identifying Actionable Growth Opportunities:
    • Who should you target?
    • What should your growth strategy be?
    • Where have you 'left money on the table'?
  2. Developing Winning Marketing Strategies
    • What should 'winning' mean for me?
    • How do I activate my strategy?
    • How do I develop my implementation plan?
  3. Optimizing Business Results  
    • How are my key tactics performing?
    • Are my strategic imperatives being fulfilled?
    • What do I need to do better / differently?

At Magnolia Innovation we integrate the rigor of traditional strategic consulting with the latest and most appropriate techniques in market research, and innovation.  Every recommendation made is driven by evidence based insights, and is powered by a relentless drive for fresh thinking.  


Our innovation specialists will work directly with your team to create an impactful, cross-functional workshop designed to leverage the experience and unique perspectives of team members towards your brand.  Our model of co-creation ensures that you walk away with a tangible output that can give concrete direction to your team moving forward. 

We can host innovation workshops on-site at your office, or (highly recommended), you can come to us! Our Innovation Headquarters in SoHo offers a creative atmosphere where numerous brands have already found inspiration.