why did you choose magnolia?

"I chose Magnolia because I was ready to take my experience as a science and business student and my work experience as an analyst to the next level by stepping into a more consulting-type role. More than that, I wanted a close-knit team that could help me grow professionally and value my contributions. So far, I am happy to say Magnolia has achieved high marks all around!"

what have you learned about working for a small company?

"My last position was with a small team within a large company, so I had some idea of the pros and cons of working in smaller groups. At Magnolia, I’ve been able to experience firsthand the benefits such as open communication between teams, the ability to learn directly from your peers, and the supportive environment. The challenge remains managing several workflows among few people, which is all the easier when you like your coworkers as much as I do!"

how do you feel your personality shines through at magnolia?

"I strive for excellence in my work and enjoy delivering exactly what the client needs, but some of the moments I enjoy most in a project are the ones where I get to know people and make connections. I think that really sums up Magnolia too!"