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why did you choose to join magnolia?

"The people at Magnolia are smart, innovative and passionate about finding transformational insights that will drive business results. Through their leadership, Ken and Diego have carefully crafted an organization that brings together individuals with diverse backgrounds to deliver both strategic and effective marketing research solutions that can address significant business challenges"

what have you learned about working for a small company?

"In a small company, sometimes everyone must pitch in to make things work. Resources may not always be abundant, but company spirit can prevail to achieve great things.

outside of work, what are you most passionate about?

"I’m very passionate about hunger relief in this country and have donated for years to a non-profit food bank in the Philadelphia area that provides free meals, a grocery store and chef training for those who are in transition and want to pursue a career in food services"

how do you feel your personality shines through at magnolia?

"I’m a generous learner, so I contribute by sharing any new strategic planning resources and tools that can help us grow and approach things differently"