why did you choose magnolia?

"The team and the culture – everyone is hardworking, smart, easygoing, supportive, and collaborative. And the project types – we work on a wide variety of engagements with our clients and offer them important strategic support"

what is the thing you like most about magnolia?

"Everyone at Magnolia is extremely hardworking, smart, and ambitious. But what really strikes me is how collaborative everyone is, and each team member has genuine interest in supporting each other. Everyone is also super eager to learn and help better the team as a whole and as individuals"

what is your favorite project you have worked on?

My favorite project has been detailing a patient journey for an extremely rare disease (Niemann Pick Disease Type C). We had the opportunity to speak with both physicians and patients within this space. The disease is an extremely debilitating one, and it’s been a valuable experience in being able to help our client identify ways to support these patients and assist physicians in the diagnosis and treatment paradigm. The project has really opened my eyes to the unique experiences that both providers and patients must endure and how we as consultants can help and work with our clients"