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Academic Execs Share How Pharma Should Engage With Oncology Customers

Academic institution executives weigh in on the importance of knowing the business side of oncology and the impact of the cross-functional teams that exist within pharma

How can you increase credibility with your customers?

Sam explains that although pharma account teams don’t need to be experts in the business of oncology, a basic knowledge of this information is crucial for effective customer conversations.

Who on your team needs to understand the business of oncology?

Jamie recommends that any account team member who is customer-facing should receive business of oncology training.

What business of oncology topics are important to your customers?

Both experts share that there is a wide scope of business of oncology topics that help pharma teams enhance their credibility with customers.

What are some of the trending topics that are relevant to your customers?

Jamie and Sam weigh in on trending topics that they are keeping a close watch on – alternative payment models and value-based care.

How can you improve your customer response rate to communication requests?

Sam talks about why generic communications are ineffective and why it is important to understand each individual academic institution to tailor communications.

How can intentional collaboration within your team build partnerships with academic institutions?

Jamie observes that a lack of internal coordination within pharma teams can lead to confusion and frustration in customer engagements.

Featured Speakers

Jennifer Tursic, BS, MBA

Sam Abdelghany, PharmD, MHA, BCOP

Jamie Bachman, MPA

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